Any details on when the new version of the Python course will launch?


I use the CodeAcademy Python course as a assignment in my university class on Discrete Structures. I normally assign the course to students to complete at their own pace over the first three weeks of my class. I'm wondering if anyone can share any details on when the new revamped version of the Python course will be rolled out. The course page and this blog post say that the current version of the course is being converted in "Q4 2016" (= now), although as of right now the old version is still the current one; and the new version will be up in "Q1 2017".

The exact timing of the switch-over is important because if I assign the course in early January for my next semester's class (which I plan on doing), and the new version isn't launched yet, I'm afraid that the new version will go live before students have completed the course, and they'll lose all their work. "Q1 2017" is a pretty broad time frame and I am reluctant to have students start a course that might be yanked out from under them before it's due to be completed.

So are there details -- for example that the new version is due to launch in March now, and not early Q1? Thanks!


Hi Robert, I'm afraid that I can't give you a specific date at this time, but it is something that we are continuing to work on. My only advice would be to stay tuned for more updates, particularly when Q1 begins!