Any Computer Scientists here?

I am a student who is trying to encourage girls to pursue STEM degrees and careers. I believe that part of the reason there are so few women in STEM is because girls tend to be presented with stereotyped version of what a STEM professional looks like (white, male, a genius, introverted, a little crazy) and what they do (something involving isolation, ridiculous hours, white lab coats and the odd explosion) by the media. This picture looks nothing like them or what they want in a career, discouraging them from pursuing STEM. To debunk this idea, and prove how diverse the field is, I am interviewing a variety of (mainly female) STEM professionals.
I am publishing the interviews in my school’s science journal and am building my own website to share these interviews with a wider audience. If you would like to get involved, please comment below or DM me your name, job title and employer & I’ll send you the questions I have.
Thank you so much for the help, I look forwards to talking to some of you!