Any Codeacademy Java Courses After 'Learn Java'

I’ve completed most of ‘Learn Java’. Does Codecademy offer any more Java classes? Was looking for a more in depth Java course but don’t see anything available in Codecademy.

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Hey and welcome to the forums!

If you take a look at the Codecademy releases roadmap located here, there’s two more Java courses “Learn Intermediate Java” and “Learn Advanced Java” that are releasing in Spring this year (so hopefully fairly soon) and Fall this year respectively, those sound like what you’re looking for once they come out.

Until those release there isn’t a load of more advanced courses, but there are a few, such as:

Those are just a couple of them and there’s a few more on the Java catalogue page

Great job on the Java course and happy coding! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response and the heads up on the coming Java courses. That’s really what I’m looking for.

I’ll check into the other links you included.

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They are also planning to release an Intermediate Java course this spring (Trello post) and an Advanced Java course this upcoming fall. (Trello post)

Yup, I linked to those at the top of my original post :slight_smile:

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I’m blind I missed that. And it’s probably better to have a link directly to the posts so the OP doesn’t need to go through the huge column for the 2 posts.

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