Any advice on Python shell/interpretor would be appreciated


Hi everybody. I am just starting with Python, anybody have any idea where can I find online/download interpretor which shows how the code is run - something like Python class window where code is on the left and output is on the right. Found few interpretors online - but all are not very usefull - some don't show error messages, some are very slow etc. Anything simpe and functional as in classroom?
Thanks in advance


for Python 3, is pretty good. very simple, quick to load.


To get the interpreter locally i suggest you download python 3.5 here (make sure to install it as admin and make sure to select the option of adding it to your system path (if using windows))
After installing python 3.5 now go on an download sublime text3 here

All you have to do now create a new python project, save it and hit ctrl+b to run it and a console window will pop up from below showing the result.
NB: (Unlike previous version sublime text 3 does not require any build configurations to run python code)

NB: Note sublime text does not support user inputs using raw_input() or input()

You can also look into getting Jetbrain's PyCharm