I am confused why the third 'o' don't be remove??

Does anyone know?thank you


you are removing from the same string as your are looping over, this causes index shift (which causes problems for successive vowels), because when the first o of look gets removed, everything shift one index to the left, causing the second o of look to be skipped


I seem to understand what you mean, but I still did not think of the method of modification, can you please be more specific? Thank you


be more specific in what matter?


I can't think how to make it text list is deleted when the position is unchanged?I don't know whether I understand the expression, my English is not good


you mean: How can i use remove() and overcome the index shift problem?

I wouldn't personally use remove, i would use the opposite approach, append constants to a new list.

but if you really want to use remove, you could store your list in a different variable (for example text_list), then loop over text while removing from text_list


how stupid i am!thank you !A few days ago, I had a problem and you helped . thank you so much


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