Hello, I don't, know why my code does not work. Please help me.

Oops, try again. Your function fails on anti_vowel("Hey look Words!"). It returns "Hy lk Words!" when it should return "Hy lk Wrds!".

def anti_vowel(text):
    text_list = list(text)
    vowels = "aeiouAEIOU"
    vowels_list = list(vowels)
    for x in text_list:
        if x in vowels_list:
    return "".join(text_list)


because you get to deal with index shift. (the moment the first o of look gets removed, the second o shifts index, and the loops continues to the next letter (which thanks to this shift is now k))

It is much easier to append constants to a new list


alright, thanks. It worked.