I do not understand why we write a_vowel = False?  Can someone explain me the loop step by step

def anti_vowel(text):
    no_vowel = []
    letters = "AaEeOoUuIi"
    for n in text:
        for vowel in letters:
            a_vowel = False
            if n == vowel:
                a_vowel = True
        if not a_vowel:
    return "".join(no_vowel)            
print anti_vowel("hello")   

Replace this line with your code.


you don't understand the solution you have written? This solution loops over text, then for each letter in text, it loops over vowel, to see if it is a vowel, if it is, set a_vowel to true, and break the current loop, so it goes to execute the if statement, if not True is false, so nothing gets append. However, if it is not a vowel, a_vowel is false, so if not False is true, and the letter gets appended. Add print statements to your code to see what is happening and better understand it