Anti Vowel Strange Behavior


There is no actual error, but the vowel removal of the “o” in the word “words” is not taking place and I cannot figure out why. When I input the phrase “Hey look words there man!” the function returns “Hy lk words thr mn!”

I expect the function to return “Hy lk wrds thr mn!”

def anti_vowel(text):
	vowels = ['a','e','i','o','u']
	text = list(text)
	for letter in text:
		if letter.lower() in vowels:
	new_text = ''.join(text)
	return new_text
print (anti_vowel("Hey look words there man!")) 


What does that do to the iteration sequence?


Thanks, I figured it out. I ended up iterating over a shallow copy of the text list and that resolved the problem. However, based on the logic I read about, I would have expected the output to be “Hey lok wrds thr mn!” because of the two consecutive vowels in the word “look”.


remove is not selective, but takes the first thing it encounters from the left. Even though one of the o’s in look was skipped, it was still the o that was removed when the o in words came up in the loop.


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