Answers already provided

Hi guys,

I’m new to codecademy and have just started with HTML. As I’m going through the course, I’ve found that the answer is already there when I am given my instructions. For example, in the introduction to HTML one of the questions asks me:

  1. Add an empty between the opening and closing tags.

I then go to write my answers in the text window but the answer is already there. I just have to select run and it confirms that the answer is correct by putting a tick in the instructions box and allowing me to press yes. This has been the case for all questions so far.

Have I done something wrong or misunderstanding the brief? Any help would be appreciated.

Take it in stride. Not all the solutions will be given. The thing to do is study the question and instructions (and lesson text) and compare the solution to see how the pieces fit together. There is a lesson in it if you make it one.


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