Another person requesting Powershel....please

Apparently powershell in the topic gets flagged for being a land of fire so I dropped an L on it.

Using search I can see a small number of posts in regards to powershell.

I will join them in saying Powershell would be a great addition to codeacademy. Working as a sysadmin puts most of my focus towards infrastructure and not the coding.

CMD is a great start, but I feel like it was introduced at a time where it is now basically deprecated. Microsoft pushed hard for powershell to be everywhere and guess what, it is. With windows 8+ and server 2012+ almost everything you do in the GUI is powershell underneath.

Some posters were told to go vote for it on a poll for the next class, but it wasn’t even listed.

What i’m hoping to get from this post is a confirmation from codeacademy that this is not a priority or that it is even on their radar.

I know it takes a lot to write a course, I’m just curious if this will ever be a thing or if I should stop checking in on the site.


Totally agree with you, a powershell course would be very useful for some people.

If it’s not on the poll, comment about it.

I can’t comment on behalf of Codecademy officially, but I’ve been here a while, and it seems like Powershell is a less requested course in comparison to others (e.g. C++, C#, Lua… ) , therefore it’s probably not going to happen for a while, at least.

Anyway, Codecademy is more focused on web development and using those languages, so it’s unlikely that another command line-like course is on its way.

@danieloduffy anything to say about this?

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You’re pretty on the money as usual, @jibblyj. Granted, I’m not on the curriculum development team, so take this with a pinch of salt, but:
In terms of priorities, we’re probably going to go sooner towards things like Node or more advanced topics in areas that we’re currently teaching as opposed to a relatively peripheral offering like Powershell. We’d love to teach everything, of course, but as far as I can tell, the demand is a lot higher elsewhere.


I understand time is limited so its best to go with what is in demand. I’m just glad there is something a bit more definitive for people checking in on the site in hopes of seeing something for the new powershell boom. I will say when i saw CMD get implemented I had high hopes that powershell was soon to follow. So knowing that its lower priority is definitely better than not knowing where it was sitting in terms of the devs.


a Powershell course would be pretty great. There are no good online tutorials for it. Yeah there’s info in text and video but nothing like what Codecademy offers.

I vote for a powershell class as well. I’m a former windows admin doing cyber security. Powershell is a very, very powerful tool. You can do so much and pull so much information. But it can get pretty complicated when you move past simple queries. A full class geared for admins would be fantastic.

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