Another Big if problem


Hi can anybody tell me why this code won't run the last else: statement? Also I get this errormessage that I can't understand. Please can somebody help me?

Oops, try again. The following exception was raised when calling the_flying_circus(): SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing (, line 0)

 def  the_flying_circus():
      a=input("enter your age")
      if (a>=18 and a<=21): 
        print "young, but not allowed to marry"
        return True
      elif (a>=21):
        print "Yeah, you can marry"
        return True
      elif (a<18):
        print "age is too low"
        return True
        print "something you enterd which is not age"
        return True


the exercise will also call your function, but not enter anything, this will cause problems

also, in python2 (here on codecademy) use raw_input


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