Annoying Pixel checks in this entire course

Whilst learning CSS, there have been several times where my code was perfectly fine, but the zoom problems wouldn’t let me continue. I’ve experienced the problems on Firefox and Chrome alike. Both of which were at default zoom and reset just to make sure. The only way I’ve found to progress on these lessons is to zoom in and out, clicking Save & Submit at each level until it somehow worked.

Would it not be simpler to just scan the freakin code and pass it if it matches? A lot of other parts are completely rigid, down to capitalization of font names in some cases. So why bother with this system, if proves to cause problems for a lot of people. If I’m using the two most popular browsers in the world, ctrl 0 zoom, and it’s still not working then maybe it’s a reason to change it.

It breaks the flow of the lesson and is frustrating.

If there’s a crucial reason for it to be this way, feel free to write it down, thank you.

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