Annoying Catalog Glitch?

I’m doing a PHP course (Which for some reason is hidden on the website) and every time I complete a course I have to go back to google and search Codecademy PHP just so find the course page again because for some reason is not even listed on the site anymore.

On top of that… every course I complete comes up as 1% completed???

It’s not something I can fix but it something that needs to be made seen.

This is normal, as Codecademy have sunsetted the PHP course.
This means that you can still access it, but it is no longer supported. It’s buggy and, honestly, should be avoided.

See this for more info: PHP Sunset


@ghostlovescore is right, its in the old learning environment as well, which is also no longer supported. To be honest, i think they should have taken down the old learning environment, not sure why codecademy didn’t do this

I would advise only to take courses features on the main site which are supported and maintained

If you really want to learn PHP, i recommended finding a different learning site/source

been a long time since i have taken the PHP course, but i think there are some bad practices within that course by now, given it hasn’t been updated at all.

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I see…

As much as I understand that it’s outdated I have a problem with a Contact Form that I need to fix and I’m certain that the only way I can even begin to fathom how to fix it I need to learn PHP.

And yes the PHP courses are indeed buggy… it tried to teach me things expecting me to have prior knowledge which I didn’t.

I can’t really use stackoverflow for this as it’s a PHP form I downloaded from CSS Tricks:

For the life of me I can’t get the thing to work so if anyone has any recommended areas to learn PHP I’d really appreciate it.

Or even a better way to code a contact form without PHP… preferably not from a website that insists I spend something absurd just to use a templated version.

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A Nice & Simple Contact Form (Downloadable)

By Chris Coyier On October 19, 2007

Just my humble opinion: avoid this. There are enough resources out there, and this guy wants you to download a zip file that contains his stuff dating back 10 years ago. Avoid this at all costs.

Youtube will teach you, step by step, how to put together a decent contact form that will be secure, and prevent bots from sending you unwanted mail (honeypot, invisible reCaptcha, etc). Just got to dig in a little.

By following a video (that explains the steps of the process), you’ll actually learn something. This guy offers a ready-made solution, but you have no idea what it’s worth.


Else, post your code here and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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I took a look at the code, i uses trim and striplashes to prevent SQL injection, which is not anywhere up to today’s standard

one of the problems with PHP, there is so much old code out there, as a beginner you have to be really careful.

@mistah_bodgah, you could try sites like udemy or sololearn, or just google to find a suitable course.

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I see, thank you Stetim. You’re a star.