Animation - Transitions problem


<a href="">This is the Lesson</a> when i hit next the invitation to upgrade to pro comes and there is no way to go past it. it seems like my screen may be too small.

Hello! Could you post a screenshot of what you are experiencing? Things like that have happened to me before. The only way I could see to get around it was to click back (or something), which would take me to the dashboard, then click on the course and lesson I wanted to get to next.

Hi I don’t know how to post a screenshot :confused: i know how to take one but not post it here.
Edit: made a mistake with first post but cant edit that one.

Hello @giga4349672881!

You can upload photos (including screenshots) using the upload button.


sorry i was so late my browser is safari 13

I guess you have already tried scrolling?

I have only used Safari a few times, though most browsers have an adjustable zoom. Have you tried using this. It is possible your setting is zoomed in, which blocks the content.

With a quick search I found this on changing Safari’s zoom.

nope doesn’t scroll in this case. thanks for the idea though

In addition to zooming out, you can also navigate to the course syllabus (go to the Syllabus tab) and then select the next lesson.