Animate your name


How do you find the animate your name lesson through the course catalog? I keep on having to look at the discussion forums in order to get to the lesson. It is such a hassle.


Is it available through Codebits, or from your CC profile? Have you completed it before? There should be a badge, and quite possibly your work is in your Codebits.


I just completed it but I couldn’t pause and get back to it without looking in the discussion forums. Do I have to finish it before it shows up? I now have the badge but it is not in my Codebits.


I’m not sure it will show up there, just a thought. You should be able to click on the badge and have it take you right to the exercise.


So, if I started another side lesson like the animate your name lesson, do I have to complete in one sitting or can I pause it and still be able to go back to it?


If you must pause, save your work and bookmark the page so you have quick access.


Thanks for the help!