Animate Your Name -> cyrillic symbols


Hello there, guys.
It's not a real problem, but I think it's an interesting task even for experienced ones. It sounds like: no cyrillic symbols allowed to being animated.
Any ides or solutions of that? May be, anyone know outer sources of alphabet-code?
Thanks for wasting time. Will wait for an answer.
From Russia with love,


Not really sure, but it may be you need to encode with UTF-16 instead of UTF-8.

  <meta charset="UTF-16">

Will do some reading on this, as well you might wish to read up on character encoding.


Every character must be coded into alphabet.js. If you want more characters then you will have to code the location of the bubbles for them.


UTF-8, after all, so ignore my earlier response.


Thanks for your answer. But it doesn't work, for real. That was the 1st thing I've tried :frowning: .


Thanks a lot, will read it right now. May be will find an answer.