Animal Shelter terminal game

I created this little game as a final project of CS 101. This is a small text game about an animal shelter. Basically in this game you visit The Shelter, home to a number of different animals. You can do two things: either adopt an animal or become a sponsor. These two functions take up the bulk of the code, but there are some additional features as well, like functionality to add new animals to The Shelter, although it is hidden for now.

I think implemented a pretty suboptimal method of transferring animal data by the index of an item in a list, but I just had to stop optimizing at some point :slight_smile:


I took a few minutes to play your game and look through your code. The text art is really cool!
Very impressive use of objects and breaking code into functions. One thing I noticed as I played it–I selected several wild animals one after the other and the type of animal would disappear from the list, but it reappeared if I selected another wild animal. Wondering if it could be changed to keep all the wild animals I selected out of the list of available animals shown?

Have a great day!