Animal Fun Facts stape 6

I’m stuck on stape 6.
I have the same code of video but there is nothing print un the console.
My code

import { animals } from './animals';

import React form 'react';

import { createRoot } from 'react-dom/client';

const container = document.getElementById('app');

const root = createRoot(container);

const title = '';

const animalFacts = <h1>{title === ''? 'Click an animal for a fun fact!' : title}</h1>>;


The localhots:8000 stay empty in my space.
I have read again and again my code, and i just burn my eyes :slight_smile:

What i do wrong ?


This is a syntax error, maybe that’s the cause.

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Good eyes :slight_smile:
But it doesn’t work without the > . :frowning:

As mirja_t pointed out, the closing tag needs to be fixed.


// You wrote:
import React form 'react';

// It should be:
import React from 'react';
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waoo !!! pfff i am so tired !!! :slight_smile:

tx a lot
it works !!!

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