Animal fun facts -> correct official code please

Is there a way to get the official correct code for this exercise (is there a CodeCademy employee listening?).

I prefer to not have to waste my time looking through other people’s solutions, trying them out to find they don’t work for me (because my code may be slightly different). I prefer to follow CC’s leads to increase consistency in solutions and to speed up my progress.

Please CodeCademy contact me and supply with the answer (the correct code) to the project so I can check and correct mistakes and move on with my course. The hours I spend looking through customers’ answers is very frustrating, unnecessary and severaly reduces the fun of learning to code

Cheers, Jaap

I’ll tag a couple of CC employees, but what is correct official code? There are always many ways to complete a project. I don’t work for Codecademy, so I can’t speak to whether or not you will be provided with what you’re asking for, but if you’d like to post your code, along with a description of what is happening that doesn’t match what you are wanting and/or errors that you are receiving, someone will likely be able to offer assistance. A link to the exercise would helpful as well.

Anyhow, @alyssavigil & @lilybird, any advice for @design5370485087?


Thanks Midlindner, with official code I refer to the code CodeCademy uses for the project. This could be the code used in the supporting videos which that had in the other lessons but not this one. I prefer the ‘official code’ because that should be consistent with what CodeCademy teaches you. In the students codes I’ve sometimes come across things I couldn’t find in previous lessons confusing me more.

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Hi @design5370485087. I just reached out to the authors of this course to find out when the solution code will become available. They will be uploading the project walkthrough video sometime this week or next. Once they do that, I can update you here.


Thanks, I’d appreciate that.



Good news! @design5370485087 @midlindner We just added the project walkthrough video for this project. That should answer your questions about ideal code:

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