AngularJS What happened?

So, I couldn’t create a post in the AngularJS section, for reasons unknown to me, so i decided to make it here(if this isn’t the right place to put it i apologize.
I have been coding the last lesson 1/4 and I couldn’t find the right solution, I have checked the forums for help, and i have been trying to complete the exercise for several days. But, when i logged on today to try and solve it again, I entered, and it said i completed the AngularJS course (which i didn’t I was at 96%).
Conclusion: What happened, I would appreciate a explanation very much.

If you are not satisfied with your result, you can keep working on the code without resetting. Just make your changes and Save (or Run) to preserve them.

hi…guys i am working in 1/4 i run it many times but it’s taking long time but it’s loading not getting result.

thanks in advance

Did you try a refresh? Can you show us the HTML for .header and the code you paste in?

Yes, It’s worked now…code was right but suddenly it’s going well after re-login.

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