AngularJS or AngularJS2

I use AngularJS 1.4 in my company , but i should learn AngularJS2?

How large is your company? Large companies tend to care about how long framework and software will be maintained. Moving over to Angular2/4+ could help stop non-technical executives from worrying.

Even if it reaches EOL(End of Life) it will still work in new browser updates. The caveat is that no security/standard updates would be patched officially by Google but even when EOL is past your software should still function correctly.

I think personally Angular2/4+ and typescript are great! but at this time both are good frameworks to use. If you are looking for longevity of your current project Angular2/4+ and it’s libraries/modules should be maintained much longer and more and more will be developed as time goes on while angular 1.x you may see less and less.

Right now there is no announcement of an EOL for Angular1.X so it should be supported for a while. If you really love Angular1.X I wouldn’t worry about it till EOL is announced if it ever is.

Here is a thread about it on github:

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