AngularJS - changes not visible


Hi all,

I'm on step 5 of the AngularJS course and when undertaking the steps and editing index.html, i.e. adding the name and price etc, I'm not seeing anything in the view to the RHS, even though from what Codecademy is saying I should.

Any thoughts?

Here's a screenshot to help.


HI instead of

<p class="title" {{ || uppercase}}></p>

do it like that

<p class="title">{{ || uppercase}}</p>

do the same for the others <p> ..


Hi Wiz,

Thanks for that.

Just wondering, this seems awfully complex for someone who has just finished the JS tutorial having never coded before. Have I skipped a step or something? Is there some course I should prior to continuing with this?




You could do the Javascript and HTML&CSS course since its (AngularJS) made with them and you will be more familiar with tag, object..
But your error isn't from not knowing these Languages just a error of typo