AngularJS and Rails

Hey guys, I’ve been using CodeAcademy fo a while to learn Web stuff. I’m loving it, I’m already experienced in C, so I can go through the couses really fast, and when it’s something I already know, I just skip the topic. Right now I’ve already completed the HTML/CSS, JQuery, JavaScript courses, did 40% of the Angular course, and I’m about to finish the Ruby course.
But here is the thing, I want to learn how to make the backend for a personal project of mine, and from what I’ve seen from Angular, Angular is perfect for what I want for the front end, so I went out on google and found some guys saying that Rails isn’t too good to use alongside Angular, they were saying something like Angular being data driven and Rails being good for providing HTML, but they could be used together.
My question is(finally!), will I learn to use Angular with Rails with the CodeAcademy course? I’m about to pay the subscription become a PRO user, I just want to make sure it’s worth it.
Thanks in advance

Hi Lucas,

The Learn Rails course will not teach you to use AngularJS with Rails.

Thanks Zeke.
Do you know if it’s in codeacademy’s plans making such a course? I found some tutorials on how to do that, so I guess I’ll just do the Rails course here since I already like CodeAcademy’s methodology and them move on to more advanced stuff.

@cloudcoder16363 I don’t know for sure, but I doubt they’ll add a course covering that very soon :confused:
Good luck with the Rails course! :slight_smile:

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Seems to me this is an either/or question. Either it’s Angular; or, it’s Rails. They each have their own way of implementing a model-view-controller environment. Would it only serve to complicate matters trying to mesh the two?

What I find appealing (as a hobbyist) about Angular is that it needs no backend support. It has everything it needs on the client. I can run everything in a browser with no other software installed.

Well, but what if you want to save the things you’ve done on the Angular app on a server so you can have a backup, or just been able to access your stuff on another computer? Couldn’t you do the server side using Rails?

They both work from a server. We cannot run a website off our own computers. The difference is that Angular downloads everything it needs to the client, then builds the view. Rails works exclusively on the server to build the view, then respond with a fully generated document. That’s how I understand it.

(AJAX and other XHR notwithstanding)

I see what you mean, but my goal with Rails would be just providing data for a Angular app.

In exemple, lets say you download a Chrome app that was made with Angular, you would have the whole website with you since you already downloaded it, but you still needs to download just the data from a server. I want Rails to provide just this adicional data to the Angular, not provide the whole page again. The thing I liked about Angular is the one page app, without the need to refresh.

Ah, I see what you mean. Use Rails to manage the database and authentication, etc. So it wouldn’t have a hand in the views?

Yes, exactly that! Database and authentication! And that was part of my my original question, from what I’ve seen Rails was not made with just sending the data in mind, it was supposed to provide the whole view.

Some newer tools for backend are supposed to work just fine with that, but I’m just a hobbyist too, I want to learn the easiest thing possible, and supposedly it’s Rails. So I decided to learn Rails. :slightly_smiling:

After I finish the Rails and Rails authentication courses I’ll just follow one of the tutorials I found today on how to use them together.:slightly_smiling:

This is an interesting read.

I’m confused between AngularJS and Ruby On Rails. Which one should I learn?

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