Angular2 Routing



I was doing exercise in Angular 2 routing and was able to create and run the project in Angular-2.
when I run the application it works fine if used 2 layer routing .
but when I increase routing layer to 3 it behaves unexpected.

there is one app module in which I am loading application.
then I have created separate modules for signin, signup and baselayout for others.
after login I want to use base layout as my app layout and want to load everything inside baselayout so that header and footer can be consistent.

and for each functionality I have created separate modules like DivisionModule, OrganizationModule and I want to load these two modules inside baselayout module but when I load any component of DivisionModule it directly loads inside app module not inside baselayout.

here is git url of my project.

When i access signin.signup it works but when I try to access app/Organization/edit or app/organization/list or app/division/edit or app/division/list it loads under app module not under baseLayout module.

Any help would be appreciated.



please refer this image for structure


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