Angular 2 in codecademy


I am a huge fan!! I was just wondering, when will a tutorial for Angular 2 come out? I am sure a lot of us are looking for one and I would be very happy to know when!!


According to the course change post, it doesn't appear that Angular pt 2 will be implemented soon.


well they should make one


I'm sure they intend to at some point, but fixing any existing issues and making the editor work better for preexistng courses is more important than adding a new course.

If you're horrendously impatient, I would suggest reading through the AngularJS documentation


I did. But i was wondering if there was anything, preferably free, like codecademy (no or not many videos/articles) for ng2?


Resources (I'm not going to include ones with more than 2 videos, but no articles is really pushing it):

Angular JS Framework Documentation
w3schools's Angular Tutorials
TutorialsPoint Angular Tutorials (I've used this for the online IDE before, but never lessons so I don't know what you'll find.)
Thinkster: A better way to learn Angular JS
Code School's Angular JS Tutorials
Udemy Intro to Angular JS (this is honestly just a long article/blog post.)
SlideShow over Advanced Angular JS Concepts
Smashing Magazine's Intro to Angular / Advanced Angular Concepts

Hope this satisfies.
When in doubt, set hard/difficult projects onto yourself, and do them.
You have an infinite amount of resources, and you can use them to aide in learning and projects.


Need angular2 tutorial :slight_smile:


Would love to have console and course of angular 2 here. Is it available now? Or any idea when it will be available?


I am also eagerly looking for the latest angular course.

Any clue when it will be released.