Android Programming


which course should i prefer for learning android app programming


anything that supports JVM, java has long been mainstream but kotlin seems to gain popularity.


But is codeacademy good for learning coding


there is a java course on codecademy, which can help you get started, but there is much more to it.

Codecademy can be a good way to get started with programming, for sure


Can codeacademy make a professional in programming


No, but no online platform can. Becoming a professional developers takes a lot of time, deditication, practice, and hard work. Codecademy can be a good start


Can you tell any good online platforms


Codecademy is good to learn the basics of Java. Other platforms you can find through google. You will need several platforms and a lot of practice to become a good developer


Highly recommend you to check out Udacity’s Android Nano Degree, which encompasses several courses leading you from beginner to professional at Android Development. It is free if you take it course by course, but it will charge you a fee if you decide to obtain a certificate out of the Nano degree program. Being a Udacity Android veteran, I can tell you the content there is very solid, but also expect to invest quite a lot of time in the next 8 months or less. Some of the Udacity Android Nano Degree graduates are able to land a job at Google.

CodeAcademy has some very solid content for learning React. I use both for self-learning.