(Android) Check Button - WHAT?

I have just started the Android package. I am told to use the ‘Check Button’ to step through my code but what or where is that???

In the terminal, type this command: javac Compiling.java and press enter or return.
Use the Check Work button to progress through checkpoints.

I have entered the missing ‘;’ but have NO clue whatsoever of how to check my solution.

Link to ex: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/introduction-to-android-with-java/tracks/introduction-to-android-and-java/modules/learn-java-hello-world/lessons/hello-world-java/exercises/compilation-catching-errors

Hi @mrs.petersen, good to see you back in the forums!

You can check the solution by heading over to the bottom right section of the LE and clicking on “Get Unstuck”. From there, a menu will pop up and give you the option to get the solution to your code. Below I’ve attached a few screenshots for reference.

----> Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 9.22.38 AM

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Are you clicking the “Check Work” button after each step?

Hello and thanks

I’m not sure if it was on my screen previously.
But … could you please communicate in the course this in a better way? Like showing the screendump you just send me? :blush:

Mvh. Sanne Liebmann

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I don’t work for Codecademy, but if you’d like to input a suggestion for making this more clear or visible, you can create a topic in the Community:Suggestions; Features and Course Requests category.

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