Android app

Greetings everyone, I stumble onto a problem while making an android app. This problem is irregular actually and I cannot find any hints on the internet. I will try to describe it as clearly as possible and hopefully, I can get some of your help.

While debugging, I set a breakpoint to any of the spots that I think it would make my app crashes and when I go through all of them slowly, it works fine. However, whenever I tried to run it straight, my app crashes. I don’t know what causes it and why. The link to the source is below:


I am using android studio 3.1.2. the app I am trying to make is for android version 4.4(API 19). I am developing this app on Ubuntu 14.04.1. If there is any other information you would like to know, I am pleased to answer.

I am grateful for any of your help. Thank you a lot in advance