And Seek.......Not calling raw_input function twice


Continuing the discussion from Battleship "And Seek"............I keep getting an error, Please help:

I really cannot understand why I get this error. I entered my code, which then allowed to enter a number for row and column in the console, but I get the error below. Can anyone help me get this right, I am ready to give up on this now. Getting frustrated.


Numbers entered in Console:

Error Message:

Thanks everyone


You are not calling raw_input at all, you are calling something else.


I am not being rude, but that is what the error message is telling me. What I need to know is where I am going wrong and how to correct it. My code is the same as the instructions and the same as previous code posted in the forum, so I am a loss as to understand what is wrong with it. Thanks


Look at the name of the function that you are supposed to called.

That name is not mentioned in your code.


I went back and looked at my code line by line from the start. The only thing different I did was include print ship_row and ship_col before my last 2 lines of code and it worked now. Even with this print ship_row and ship_col, when I saved and submitted first time, it did not work but now it has worked. Why I do not know. Its really frustrating and off-putting, when trying to learn. I would like to try and understand my errors, so as to be able to correct them next time and try not to make them again. I suppose I should be glad this step is over. Thanks for your help, I know you wanted me to figure the answer out for myself.


It says you do not call raw_input

Do you see raw_input in your code?

You're not seeing the forest for all the trees