And problem


Stuck in AND (Control flow)
Getting this error

please help


The error message seems to be telling you what you should do differently, have you read it?
If you have, what information are you missing? (You have to ask)


I am not getting exactly how to define boolean (true and false)
I tried to define differently but not working


The first one is already filled in, you can use that as a reference
The expression for the first one doesn't evaluate to true however. Is 77 really smaller than 77?


false is also not working,
it just kept on giving that error
I tried my own code too. Nothing really working
I might not following the right syntax? Is it correct way of writing


That is correct, but the rest of the code has to be correct as well, have you assigned booleans to boolean_2 and boolean_3? In the screenshot they are left blank which isn't valid syntax.