And Now, For Something Completely Familiar


print len("my_string)
print "my_string".upper()
can someone fix my code


print len("my_string")
print "my_string".upper()

actually this is my code but it still doesnt work when i click submit


why are you adding " quote ??
wee can't use "" to print variable , if wee do it will be just message ( string )
so remove it from all variable


Write your code below, starting on line 3!

It is my code
My_string = "Leopold"
print len(My_string)
print My_string .upper()
What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Oops, try again. Did you create a variable called my_string?


I don't know why this happened you should have it right. Change the my_string to "Narnia" this worked for me


it's because he defined My_string, not my_string...


Oh I just took his code and changed the my_string to "Narnia". Hey, have you finished python


I know, I was just saying. & yes I have.


you have space before .upper()
The whole code should like the following
my_string = "ramayan"
print my_string.upper()
print len(my_string)