Ancient Philosophers discuss Technology Generator: Mixed Messages Project

Hey y’all,
this project took an entire day for me to put together.
I started by creating a database in a separate file (data.js) with the messages and created a different file for the functions.
It was medium/hard difficulty. I had more problems trying to import and export the object value properties and pass it correctly through the functions than to create the functions itself.
I also tried to do a really basic HTML, CSS with a clickable button (I’m not the best since this is a backend course) so it’s more user-friendly and you can see it directly in your browser. You also don’t need to print the output to the console.

Any constructive feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you have a great day.

Wow, it seems like you put in some serious effort into your project! I’ll check out your GitHub repository and provide some specific feedback there. Keep up the excellent work, and I hope you continue to enjoy your backend course! If you have any questions or need further help, feel free to reach out.

Thanks bro, I’d appreciate the feedback. I’m trying to populate my Github with these small projects before I tackle some more useful stuff, so any constructive feedback is highly appreciated.
Are you already working as a developer? Cheers

I’m impressed with the effort you’ve put into your Mixed Messages project. The idea of creating a database in a separate file to store messages and detaching functions is a good practice. Using HTML and CSS to make it more user-friendly is a smart choice. If you’re open to constructive feedback, I’d suggest considering error handling and maybe some interactivity for the user, like the ability to generate multiple messages at once or clear the screen. But overall, it looks like you’ve done a fantastic job. Also, I wanted to mention that I recently came across an excellent multitechverse resource, which is a fantastic place to stay updated on the latest news and developments in technology. It might be worth checking out for some fresh insights for your future projects.

Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback. Yeah I agree, some error handling will give a more professional look. Also, multitechverse is amazing, thanks a lot for sharing. Are you working as a dev already? Cheers