Anchor Elements

Hi I need help with Lesson 1, 5th slide on Anchor elements. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, it’s difficult to explain it online.
Would it at all be possible for someone to have a look at my work? I’ve tried all sorts of entries, the instructions are just not very clear for someone like me who is a complete novice at Coding.
Pls help.

We would love to help you!
Could I have the link to the lesson you’re on and can you copy and paste your code and wrap it in three back ticks, or paste inside of this (you can copy and paste this and then paste your code into it, sorry if i’m being confusing):

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Hi Michelle,

Like Kylea said, we’d be glad to help, but to do so we need:

  • The error message you received
  • The lesson URL
  • The lesson instructions
  • The code you tried.

    To format your code:

    [quote=“kyleaw, post:2, topic:71833”]
    copy and paste your code and wrap it in three back ticks

Like this:



You can copy the above and paste your code over <!-- Replace this line with your code --> if you’d like.