Anatomy of an HTML element 2/11

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How do I change the text that appears < h1 > and </ h1>


Try it with


I need help I know nothing


What do you need help with?

hey, can anyone tell me where is the Run button, I cannot run mine ;(

Could you add a screenshot how your browser-session looks like ???

Do you see it? With the teal background?

What happens when you click on the button?

here is mine @leonhard.wettengmx.n @a_distraction24 , no Run button. what am I supposed to do?

Which operating system & Version are you using
Which Browser & Version are you using

currenly using PC, OS windows 7
Chrome ver 25.0.1364.172


You could try…

Try starting Chrome from the Desktop in with a command switch…

Right Click on the Chrome Icon ShortCut and edit “Properties”

In the target box at the end of “.exe” and one space and --window-size=200,500


–window-size ⊗ Specify the initial window size: --window-size=w,h :arrow_right_hook:

Pick the size you want (ex: =600,700 etc.)

Close and start Chrome with this Icon… You should start with the window of that size.

Note: This is just for the initial size of the window only… also, if you click on “Maximze” (upper right) you must
return it to the “Minimized” size for the start size to be honored. It remembers this setting.

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