Analyze SQL - Warby's Assignment - Presentation Feedback

Hey :slight_smile: I did the assignment for the Analyse SQL course - Warby’s presentation. The link to the google slides is here:

I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who did this to see if they tally with my results.


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Dear @lola722,

It’s amazing the amount of effort you put into.

I’ve also completed this Warby’s Assigment but I didn’t go that deep onto complete analysis of each table.

I really liked the “Most popular answer” you presented for each question as well as the section of the most sold products.

Congratulations, definetly an amazing and professional work with conclusions at every step!

Thanks so much @carlosorellanamorale! If there’s any assignment I can review of yours just let me know :slight_smile:

Hi Marcy!

I just completed the same project and all of our answers came out the same. :slight_smile:

In the formatting sheet it recommends each column selected be listed on its own line of code. I’m not sure if this is important or followed in the real world, but in case you missed that I figured I’d share. (I had not done it either prior to this project)

Your presentation is super impressive! I used it to check my work and you had a lot of great ideas of additional information to include.

Thanks! What also could definitely be improved is the visualization of my data - in case you’re still doing yours. I just did a course on Data Visualization in excel, and plan on doing another one in Power BI, which shows you how to put the data into charts and graphs appropriately. It would make the presentation more clear and help put the results into more of a narrative.

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