Analyze Financial Data with Python: REIT Project

Hi everyone,

This is my " Real Estate Investment Trust Analysis" project (Analyze Financial Data with Python Course):

It would be nice to have any feedback from you.

Congrats on completing the project. Seems like you have a solid understanding of how to use NumPy and navigate around the CSVs and write functions. I’m not familiar with this course. Did this project only require using NumPy and not Pandas or Matplotlib?

One thing that’s missing is the explanations, or analysis of your findings. You can use the markdown cells in the Jupyter notebook to explain the results of the variance between the two REITs, the standard deviation, correlation and other questions like, what one has the better portfolio? Is SBRA or EQR a better investment based on your findings?

An important thing to remember is that Data Analysts are also storytellers. You will have presentations and you have to explain your findings to an audience that is either technically inclined or not technical at all (then you’d tailor your presentation depending on the audience–if technical, then you can talk about the calculations, if not, then change the language to less technical).

Happy coding!