Analyze Financial Data with Python / REIT Project (Off-Platform) -- Content Issue


Completing the REIT project and I notice the Solution code it is different slightly from the lesson and lesson content. For example, after importing NumPy, it asks to load data in a way (np.loadtxt) that wasn’t taught in the Lesson (np.genfromtxt), including various parameters that weren’t covered. I don’t mind using the official documentation at all, and learned from looking it up, but my results were different than the Solution Notebook’s when I ran the code. Has the original ‘sbra.csv’ file changed from an older version of the Solution code to this newer version?


Do you have a link to the project? (I am pretty sure I did this but don’t recall where it’s located).
So, you used np.loadtxt which doesn’t account for missing values where np.genfromtxt does? I wonder if this is a case of them updating the project but not updating the content of the lessons(editing issue). OR, maybe they want people to consult the documentation and figure it out on their own…


Yes, it’s here. Yes, this could be a case in which a lesson content update didn’t correlate with a previously-posted project assignment to match. I’ll have to just research each individual solution and figure out why they chose to do it that particular way, but maybe this is beneficial because it gives real-world experience on using documentation.

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