Analyze Financial Data with Python Capstone

Hello all

With this capstone project, I elected to survey three different company asset sets with the statistical methods outlined in the course. Each asset set consisted of six unique assets. The three different sets include:

  1. Coca Cola, JP Morgan, Tesla, Hewlett Packard, FireEye, Amazon
  2. Tesla, Hyundai, IBM, Lending Tree, Docusign, Etsy
  3. Uber, Under Armour, Ebay, Intel, ViacomCBS, Lyft

I judged the optimum portfolio and weight of assets for each set. I also attempted to compare the asset sets against each other by reviewing the efficient frontiers, single asset stdv, and expected returns. I identified trends beneath the portfolios within the asset sets and what they may identify about the assets in terms of expected return and volatility.

Here is my presentation on Github.
Here is my Jupyter notebook on Github.

Appreciate any feedback. I enjoyed this project a great deal. Now on to the next skill path!