Analyze Financial Data with Python: Capstone Project


I would be very grateful if someone could offer some help/advice for how to complete this project as I am stuck on the last part of the portfolio optimization section:

  • If the investor is less risky, how should she allocate her funds across the portfolio?

  • If she is more risky, how should she allocate her funds?

  • Indicate multiple investment options at different risk levels and specify the returns.

I have included my questions around this area on the final slide of my presentation, could someone please provide some help?

I can plot the efficient frontier for all of the optimized portfolios, but when I look at the weights output from the function I can only see six weights (which don’d add to 1).

How can I examine the individual weighting of each of the optimized portfolios?
How am I to know how to change these weights to move along the efficient frontier?

Thanks for the help.

Hey I commented on the last section in my solution - have a look: