Analyze Financial Data with Python Capstone: My solution

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Google slides PDF link:

This is my solution / project that I’ve created over the last 2 days. Any feedback is welcomed. If the link to the github isn’t working, let me know, my WIFI here isn’t the best, so maybe the upload didn’t work.

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Congrats on completing the project!

One suggestion is for you to upload the notebook to a GitHub repo, rather than make people download the file or add it to their cloud drive. People don’t generally want to download files.

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Thank you for looking into it. Haha, the link is the pdf presentation. In the presentation is the link to the github repo, where you can find the jupyter notebook.

Can you just add the GH link here, rather than have people download a pdf?

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of course. here it is:

Sorry, it is my first time posting here so I didn’t know about it. I’ve setup the repo in GH.

Here is also the link to my google slides presentation about the topic:
(instead of sharing a pdf file)

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