Analyze Financial Data with Py - REIT

Here’s my REIT project. As others mentioned, I found a few typos and new functions that I had to google. The solution uses different data (2018 vs 2019), but if you compare it with others posted here, you’ll find that the solutions match.

I did have an error in my simple_rate_of_return() function… i forgot to divide by the diff() by the initial value.

Here’s the Project File

Hey, did you find any other answers?
I found this project kind of weird, as the solution code varies significantly from the instructions.
Also, I could only find your answers on the Forum, which seemed kind of odd.


I’m not sure if I understand your question. If you click on the Project File link at the end of my post, it should download my solution as a jupyter notebook. Put the notebook in your REIT folder and you can open it to see my solution.

Note that you can write different code that will result in the same solutions, but the example solution provided with the solution notebook works on a different set of data.

Hope that helps.