Analyze Financial Data Capstone Project - advices and comments are welcome


I am finishing Python Financial Course, and this Capstone Project is the last challenge.

I used Python to calculate optimized investment portfolio and applied Efficient Frontier theory.

Following 5 stocks are selected to demonstrate Efficient Frontier and Sharpe Ratio

  • AMD
  • Amazon
  • Facebook(Meta)
  • PETS
  • Salesforce

Attached please find my presentation: Project Capstone .pdf - Google Drive

And VScode is used for programming editor, please see my codes here:

Any advice or comments are highly welcome:)

Here are several things I think can be done better:

  • Use log rate and annualize financial return

  • More simplified and self explaining coding for efficient frontier calculation

Your code won’t run in the CodeByte b/c it cannot import python libraries.
Also, why did you link to someone else’s project?

It would be better if you upload your Jupyter Notebook (or VS code) to GitHub and then add the link here so people can review it.

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Hi Lisa, thank you for pointing out the issue about wrongly uploaded link and I will update the codes to GitHub and share the link.

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