Analyze Data with SQL: Davie's Burgers Subway Ad's Challenge

Hi all,
I need help in solving Challenge number 10 in this SQL practice. Link:

-- 10

-- Challenge

-- They have asked you to query the customer who made the phrase. 

-- Return the item_name restaurant_id, and user_id for the person created the phrase.

I’m stuck. Any ideas would be appreciate! Thanks!

Hi there, and welcome to the forums!

In Step 10, there is a link to what the campaign turned out looking like. On it we can see that there’s a quote posted from one of the special_instructions. So the question is asking you to return the order information listed for the person who posted that quote. It’s very similar to Step 9 except you want to find a very specific quote, rather than all quotes with “box” in it. See if you can get there from that, if not I’m happy to give more help!


Would you do a query using ‘where’? Like:

SELECT item_name, restaurant_id, user_id
FROM orders
WHERE special_instructions = 'this is the quote';

I’m not quite up to this point yet, but that’s what I’d try.

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Yes I got it! I did completely misread and misunderstand the challenge question that I didn’t see that special quote. facepalm. Thanks a lot for your help!

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Yes I figured it out! I just misread the challenge and didn’t pay attention to that special phrase on the poster at the end. Thanks a lot!

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