Analyze Data with SQL - CoolTShirts Marketing Attribution

Hi everyone! Here is my project. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


Beautifully done! Very impressive.


Beautifully done! Very impressive.

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Looks beautiful.
Slide 7. The title: 5 campaigns to reinvest. But in the explanation you refer to Source (medium). May be, always refer to campaign will be more clear.
Slides 9-12. I would consider much of aliasing usage in the descriptive tables.

That’s great to describe your thought process.

Something that might seem very small stuck out to me more than anything else as something well done: recommending Medium as being reinvested in as an awareness driver more than a sales driver.

I never thought along that path. I saw such a huge drop off in sales my general recommendation (they asked for the top 5 we should reinvest in) would have been to reinvest in the top 4 and tweak another Google ad, maybe using inspiration from the first google ad that was doing well (google actually had the highest conversion from last touch clicks, although fewer last touches and fewer sales).

Overall I liked it a whole lot!