Analyze Data with SQL - CoolTShirts Marketing Attribution Project Feedback

Hey Guys!

This is my first post on this Forum and also my first project ( bit nervous and excited )

I’ve completed the CoolTShirts project, created a DB Sqlite project with the dataset and my code, made a PowerPoint presentation, and uploaded all in my new GitHub Repository.

Please see below the link :

Any feedback on code, repository, presentation or anything else that comes to your mind is much appreciated.

Thank you!

Congrats on completing the project!

One thing I would recommend is to not make people have to download your Powerpoint presentation. The reasoning is that not everyone has Powerpoint and people may not want to download anything to their computers.
Rather, upload a pdf of the presentation so others can view the slides it in the repository itself.


Thank you Lisa, I’ve uploaded the pdf. Indeed, makes total sense :slight_smile:

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