Analyze-data-with-python - 1-introduction-to-data-analysis

Please do not be mad about this topic layout as this is my first time!
I am refering to this link above. What strikes me is the output I get in the introduction slide called: Analyzing Data with Panda. I run the code and get this one.

website_goal number_of_citizens
0 Contact City Council 97
1 Download a form 80
2 Find a job 197
3 Pay a bill 131
4 When is trash day? 95

I wanted to perform code in SQL in the previous slide of this exercise:
SELECT website_goal, COUNT (*) AS website_entry
FROM page_visits
GROUP BY website_goal;
But I get different results; In total there are 600entries, what am I doing wrong?

website_goal website_name
Contact City Council 93
Download a form 91
Find a job 182
Pay a bill 136
When is trash day? 98