Analyze Data in R - Introduction to Programming Project

Hi everyone,

I was working on the project, “Day of the Race” in the Introduction to Programming in R section of the Skill Path Analyze Data with R ( I tried to set up the function according to the cheat sheets and trying to sort through a vector of names, but I am still not getting output from my function. So far, I have the following lines of code to a) create the function and b) call the function:

find_place <- function(runner){

place <- 1;

for(racer in race_results){



  return place


  place <- place + 1



return place



# call and apply find_place() here:

place_of_person <- sapply("Francesca", find_place)


But I still do not get any output.  Is there something in the loop that I am not referencing?  I tried to use the HINT to correct my structure, but I still was unable to find success.

Thank you in advanced :slight_smile:

Yes, can someone answer this from Codeacademy? I think there are other users having issues with Day of the Race project as well

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