Anaconda fails to install on Macbook

I’ve been trying to download anaconda on my macbook pro (Sonoma) but i keep running into different issues. when I do the graphical installer the download stops and says the installation failed and to contact the software manufacture then when I do the command line download the installation will stop and it says ‘bad cpu in executable.’
I’m exhausted and thinking to quit the course altogether. I reached out to Anaconda support and community with no results. I googled the issue without success. Can anyone please help me? I’m not a programmer and this is driving me to quit the course altogether.

If anaconda is failing to install for whatever reason. You can do a clean up of your mac. Also you can try these links to install jupyter notebook (as a standalone)

There is this doc as well you can take a look at: Installing on macOS — Anaconda documentation

If all else fails you can download the free version of pycharm or even use google collab.
There are alternatives to anaconda and this shouldn’t be a reason to quit. I understand its frustrating but there are alternatives.
Good luck!

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