An unnecessary slash is inserted into links to community forum FAQ from lessons

I think this is occurring in every lesson in the last few days. For example, today I proceeded to the following lesson:
PostgreSQL Constraints Review

Now the linked URL to the community forum FAQ at the bottom left of this lesson page is:
but correctly it might be:


Yes, I have also observed this in other lessons too. I am new to codecademy, is there some issue reporting section other than this forum?

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Sorry, I hope not to bother…but I’ll bring you into this @stetim94 knowing you are a mod and maybe can tell CC staff about this one (if they didn’t notice it already?)

I also noticed someone else reporting this on another course, plus I found it in React Router’s course, too. It seems to be a global problem with routing that happens in many (or all?) courses.

Sorry again if I channeled this wrongly, please help me correct it if that’s the case.

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