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In the “Build Your First Alexa Skill”, I was not able to go on the Test Simulator (Beta). When I tried to go on there, it would say that test is disabled for this skill on this account56 PM
And when I do turn it on, it just turns back off and shows a notification
A video for what I did is temporarily on my account info for the day

I’ve sent an invite to our community operations person, Daniel. There may be other resources available to help with this module.

@oduffy, it may be advisable to have a partner representative log a pinned response in this forum pointing to Amazon resources and forums, as well as examine how the course is structured and create factual FAQ/Learning Centre type local resources on discuss. We on our side are not really well versed in Alexa.

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Hey SeventyFox, I’ll flag this internally but it looks to me like it’s something on Amazon’s end, in which case what mtf suggests with linking to Amazon resources would be the way forward. We’ll look into it, and thank you for sharing!

Folk, I am having hard time initiate the dialog with Alexa, Its not clearly defined how to initiate the conversation, like “Open Codecademy” what next? Somehow its not clearly well organized so you know how to communicate back and forth with Alexa. Like all of sudden Alex randomly start answering from other skills rather than staying within the Test.

Hi Uraizy, would you mind contacting our customer support team and providing as much detail as you can (including screenshots, URLs, etc.) so that we can look into this for you?

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